Self-Care Practices

The Glossary

Your guide to the Sass-isms and phrases you hear from super-smart experts on the show.

Lock it Down [verb?]:

“Get yourself together”, get focused, and get it done. Applies to any and all situations.

Postpartum Bitterness [noun]:

Listening to your partner snore while you’re up feeding the baby for the 4th time that night, made even worse when he tells you he’s tired the next morning. And all the things like that.

The Universe [noun]:

I believe in a guiding, higher power, that makes everything work out the way it is supposed to. The universe will work it out.

Second Peak [noun]:

That time when my kids will be between the ages of 6 and 11, old enough to have some independence but not quite teenagers. Imagine leaving your kids in a room and not worrying that they’ll burn it down…

Imagine leaving them with a babysitter and not having to explain an in-depth bedtime routine that if not done perfectly, they won’t sleep…

Imagine them being in school for a WHOLE DAY, imagine what I’ll get done…Yup, that’ll be my second peak in life.

Boundary [noun]:

The limit, the rule, the clear line in your head on what you will and will not do or accept in your relationships with others.

Trigger [noun]:

Anything (a person, memory, word, happening, place, song, etc) that provokes an intense emotion within you.

Self-Care [noun]:

The practice of doing the things that make you feel good physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Self-care is NOT what anyone else tells you it should be.

Mental Load [noun]:

“Did I order diapers? What should I make for dinner? I have to call the doctor. Remember to make a list of school supplies to buy. Do they have clean clothes for tomorrow? Why didn’t they eat what I packed for lunch yesterday? Is he ok? Are we ok? I should schedule a sitter and have a date night.” Sound familiar?

Inter-sesh [noun]:

An interview where I am getting part interview part therapy/coaching session from my guest. Highly emotional and transformational on my end.

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