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Tara Brunet: How to Manifest Your Dream Body

Episode #94

Tara Brunet is a Manifestation Expert & Course Creator here to guide us into our next level life. Tara believes we can have, do, and be absolutely ANYTHING we want…with the correct mindset. She teaches step by step, how to use manifestation and mindset to intentionally create our dream reality. We are worthy of massive abundance, success, and a life you are completely obsessed with- and she is here to show you us how! Tara is the creator of Manifesting Dream Body, the course I’ve been taking to help marry Intuitive Eating with achieving my dream body. Tara tells us her story, how she got into this work, and of course we break down the Manifesting Dream Body course. 

“Manifestation doesn’t mean that you’re not doing the work to make things happen. I don’t expect a million dollars to fall into my lap but I do know that if I set the intention and work on my money beliefs, things will happen.” – Tara Brunet


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