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Jemma Rane: Couples are Facing a Crisis of Connection, Here is What to Do About It

Episode #92

Jemma Rane is an influential speaker, entrepreneur and certified personal development coach. She is a compassionate and insightful thought leader whose first TikTok video immediately went viral reaching 4.5 million views. She empowers people with a unique synthesis of relational intelligence, well-being practices, and methods to break free from the constraints of conditioning that compromises our self-worth, the quality of our relationships and our happiness. Today we talk about Jemma’s story, including her divorce from a “nice guy” after 20 years of marriage, what the crisis of connection means and what you can do about it in your relationships. We talk about the emotional load and labor in relationships and how gender norms and roles play a huge role in the emotional health of our relationships. We talk about the assumption of love, the types of intimacy, and how to break generational relationship cycles for our kids.

“If you think you know everything about your partner or yourself and stop exploring then things go flat. How can you keep exploring and add in some novelty?” – Jemma Rane


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