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Dr. Alissa Silverman: Never Underestimate the Power of One: Voting, Mental Health, and the Impact on Our Kids

Episode #91

Dr. Alissa Silverman is a mom of 3, psychologist, and the founder of Silver Linings Psych in Philadelphia, PA. Alissa and her daughter are working on a project together that stemmed from her daughter’s questions, interest, and concern over some of the recent politics in the US, specifically around the overturning of Roe V. Wade. This project revealed some challenging moments in Alissa’s motherhood journey which include having to have really tough conversations before perhaps her daughter was developmentally ready to have, having to look at her own past relationship with voting and how she wants to do things differently for her kids, and so much more!

“Show your kids that when you feel strongly about something that you can DO something about it.” – Dr. Alissa Silverman


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