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Meredith Huck: It’s Ok to Not Be Ok: What Happens When a Self-Proclaimed “Doaholic” Becomes a Mom

Episode #90

Meredith Huck is a mom of 2, owner of her own interior design firm called House of Huck, and a born Jersey girl now living in Coastal Connecticut with her husband and kids. Meredith is also a licensed real estate agent in the state of Connecticut and enjoys supporting her clients to turn average houses into spectacular homes. Meredith shares her postpartum mental health story, which includes severe postpartum depression. She also talks about how her version of self-care comes in the form of routine, structure, and organization. Meredith also shares what it’s like to parent her two toddlers, while running her own business, and how she makes it work.

“I don’t have the stay-at-home mom bone in me. I’m a way better mom and a way better wife with structure, me time, and work.” – Meredith Huck


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