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Annia Palacios: It’s Not Just You: Why This Therapist Didn’t Know She Needed Therapy

Episode #89

Annia Palacios is a Licensed Professional Counselor and owner of Tightrope Therapy, an online therapy and coaching practice dedicated to helping moms find balance in life and motherhood. Annia combines her professional experience as a therapist and coaching along with her life experience as a mom and stepmom to help support women in all stages of motherhood and life including infertility, miscarriage, grief, anxiety, depression, birth trauma, and the relationship challenges. Annia shares the story of how and why, even as a therapist herself, she did not seek out professional help while experiencing postpartum depression. We also talk about the difference between postpartum depression and clinical depression, mom rage, overstimulation, shame, guilt, and anxiety in motherhood.

“Within the therapist circles we don’t talk about perinatal mental health. So even as a therapist I knew something was off but I didn’t have a full grasp on exactly what it was.” – Annia Palacios


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