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Sarah Dalton: Living in Chaos? Take Back Your Power, Create Daily Rhythms, and Live in Flow

Episode #82

Sarah Dalton is the founder of the Your Simply Big life community, creator of the Peace & Productivity Planner, host of the Peace & Productivity Podcast, and mom of 4. The Simply Big Life community is the perfect blend of mindset, heart and practical tools to help you to design a life you love on YOUR terms. Sarah believes life is meant to be lived with intention and that we can have both Peace AND Productivity when we are clear on what it is we truly want. Boom. Sarah takes us through her step-by-step process for taking back your power in your house and life, identifying your core values, how often to check in on your routines, how to create routines and rhythms that work for your family, and working in alignment rather than seeking perfection.

“When you’re feeling in alignment with your values, to me, that’s a balanced life.” – Sarah Dalton


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