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Jessica Gershman: Zen-ish Thoughts on Sexual Trauma, Disordered Eating, and How She’s Breaking the Cycle

Episode #76

Jessica Gershman is the voice behind The Zen-ish Mommy podcast as well as a passionate believer in the power of self care. Through her work as a certified yoga instructor, an accomplished home chef, and a dedicated mindfulness practitioner she creates a place where moms can slow down, be authentic, and take the ‘me’ time without guilt. Today we talk about how motherhood pushed Jess to heal from her past including sexual trauma and disordered eating. She shares how stress and postpartum health issues caused her to take a pause and focus on her needs and what it means to be a zen-ish mommy.

“When I talk about trusting your intuition and your own body…getting to that intuition only happens when you slow down.” – Jessica Gershman


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