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Amanda Young: Turn Your Mental Health Disorders into Your Superpowers: A Journey of Self-Acceptance

Episode #72

Amanda Young is a Mental Health Advocate, Author and Podcast Host whose personal mission is to help eliminate the stigma of brain illnesses by educating people on what depression, anxiety, posttraumatic stress and bipolar actually are. Amanda shares the story of a pivotal moment in her life that changed the course of her career and identity. She shares what it was like to get a bipolar 2 diagnosis as a 29 year old, how her 5 mental health disorders affect her life and her marriage. Amanda shares how she copes, how medication has helped her, and how her disorders are her superpowers

“Oh my gosh my best decade is ahead of me…I’m enlightened, I’m in therapy, I’m on meds…I’m unstoppable! ” – Amanda Young


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