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Keila Dolle: Step-by-Step Grounding and Meditation Practices for Anxiety and Childhood Trauma

Episode #71

Keila Dolle is an actress, filmmaker, comedian, and podcast host. Keila’s mission is to create projects that have a social impact. Keila is a fixture in the LA comedy scene – she hosted and produced The Scramble, a brunch variety show for 3.5 years. In 2019, Keila co-hosted the comedy podcast Kings Of Influence, caught the podcast bug, and launched her own show called Crying Behind Sunglasses. Keila’s experiences with anxiety and panic disorder, as well as growing up with a brother who has autism, led to a lifelong passion for psychology and mental health. Keila and I talk about her childhood, growing up with an autistic brother, the loss of her biological father, coping with anxiety and panic disorder, and how therapy and meditation have seen her through it all.

“To anyone who deals with a loved one who is an addict, you can’t save them from themselves, that is a decision they have to make on their own.” – Keila Dolle


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