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LuAnn Nigara: Tuning Into Your Inner Goddess Voice to Guide You in Motherhood, Marriage & Ambition

Episode #63

LuAnn Nigara is MY MOM! She is also a celebrated media personality, keynote speaker and seasoned entrepreneur. In her third business launch, LuAnn Nigara Inc., she provides business resources for entrepreneurs through live events and LuAnn University. LuAnn has published three books, is a sought-after columnist and has captured international attention for her weekly podcast “A Well-Designed Business” which has more than 750 episodes and 5 million downloads. We discuss LuAnn’s entrepreneurial journey, how her upbringing shapes her mindset today, the power and importance of cultivating your inner voice, mothering and building businesses, and more!

“The stories that you say in your head are just the stories, they’re not real. ” – LuAnn Nigara


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