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Chelsea Shukov: Why Putting Love in the Mail and Creating a Kind Company Culture Matters

Episode #62

Chelsea Shukov co-founded Sugar Paper in 2003 after she and her co-founder Jamie started tinkering with a letterpress and helping their friends put beautiful paper in the mail. More and more people inquired and today Sugar Paper is found in thousands of United States stores and around the world, including Target and J. Crew. We talk about how letter writing, note writing, and journaling are part of the emotional human experience. Chelsea takes us back to the early days of launching Sugar Paper, balancing motherhood and self-care, and developing her sense of enough-ness. We also talk about Sugar Paper’s company culture built on kindness and empathy.  “Underneath all of this: letter writing, birthday cards, post-its on the fridge, underneath all of it is the intention to put more love in the world and create more connection.” – Chelsea Shukov


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