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Melissa Donahue: Sexual Education Starts with Exploring Our Past and Re-Educating Ourselves

Episode #57

Melissa Donahue is a LCSW in New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, and Florida and she is currently a Doctoral student in the School of Social Work at Rutgers University. Melissa is a Certified Sex Therapist and Supervisor and has been the owner and clinical therapist at MD Counseling in Ridgewood, New Jersey for 12 years. She is also the Certified Sex Therapist at NJ Center for Sexual Wellness. We discuss unpacking our sexual history, trauma in sexual experiences, how to educate children on sexuality, the importance of elimanting shame from sexuality, and what it’s like to see a sex therapist as an indiviual or a couple.

“Your bed should be for sleep and for sex.” – Melissa Donahue


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