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Carlie Nolan: How to Make Mom Friends, Live in the Moment, and Pivot in Motherhood

Episode #53

Carlie Nolan is the host of the Carl Her Mommy: Motherhood As We Know It podcast and mom of two. In this episode we talk about Carlie’s transition from lawyer to stay-at-home mom, her postpartum mental health journey, the New Year’s resolution that changed everything, and a deep dive into making mom friends. We discuss what it means to “do the work” on yourself and the importance of holding space for yourself and others. Carlie also brings me back to reality during a vulnerable conversation around postpartum body image.

“If you say what’s on your heart and you are honest and authentic with someone, you immediately have the chance for a real connection with that person.” – Carlie Nolan


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Carl Her Mommy Podcast – How to Make Mom Friends & Isolation in Motherhood

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