Self-Care Practices

Kat Nulf: Incorporating Mindfulness, Disrupting the Depression Lies, & LGBTQA Mental Health

Episode #52

Kat Nulf is a licensed professional counselor in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Kat’s passion is working with women, cisgender, transgender, nonbinary, genderqueer included. She has also taught yoga for more than 10 years, and enjoys teaching her clients tools to regulate their emotions, communicate in ways they can feel good about, manage stress more effectively, and move toward what they want to do in their life.

 We discuss mindfulness and grounding, including a step-by-step approach. We discuss what it means to be a sensitive person, the lies of depression, and different forms of self-care. Kat also shares her personal sexual identity journey and some of the mental health challenges within the LGBTQA community.

“Mindfulness in the moment is self-care.” – Kat Nulf


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