Self-Care Practices

Amber Benziger: How to Cope with Anxiety and Set Realistic Expectations Around Self-Care

Episode #41

Amber Benziger is an LPC and Certified Clinical Trauma Professional. Amber’s private practice, Vitality Behavioral Health is located in NJ. She is also the founder of The Anxiety Lab, a group coaching membership for women and the co-host of The Managed Mind Podcast. Amber and I discuss anxiety, how it manifests for her and how she copes. We also talk about the difference between a panic attack and an anxiety attack. This conversation is jam-packed with strategies and coping mechanisms to help with anxiety and how to slowly incorporate self-care into your busy life. 

“Think about how many times a day we’re checking in with our kids, our friends, our spouse, why wouldn’t we check in with ourselves to make sure that we have what we need?” – Amber Benziger


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