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Dr. Kim Van Dusen: Parenting with a Therapeutic Twist, Hybrid Parenting, and Play Therapy

Episode #39

Dr. Kim Van Dusen is a LMFT, a Registered Play Therapist, University Professor, Public Conference Speaker, Blogger, and currently works part-time in private practice and also for a clinic that serves families that have children on the Autism Spectrum. She is a mom of two and the CEO/Owner/Founder of The Parentologist, a Southern California based family and lifestyle brand about everything parenting with a therapeutic twist! Dr. Kim shares with me her own personal hybrid style of parenting and how to parent kids differently even under the same roof. We discuss play therapy, the importance of play, how play therapy works, and her thoughts on when to bring a therapist into your child’s life.

“There are so many restrictions put on kids and play where they can’t just be and let go. Let them be free and play because it builds communication, motor, math, and social skills. ” – Dr. Kim Van Dusen


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