Self-Care Practices

Cheryl Janis: How a Nourishing Space Supports Your Mental & Emotional Health

Episode #31

My guest today is Cheryl Janis, a contemporary textile artist. Cheryl has 15 years experience working as a Feng Shui and Wellness Designer, focusing on creating nourishing and meaningful spaces at home and in the private healthcare sector. Cheryl has written two design books — The Waiting Room Cure and The Color Cure. She is the host & producer of The Healthcare Interior Design 2.0 podcast and The Lavender Room podcast. We talk about how our spaces can nourish our souls and well-being. We talk about colors, textures, shapes, and investing in our home as a form of self-care. Cheryl shares what homes means to her, she details her art, and shares some of her personal experiences with nourishing spaces. 

“If you’re going through a hard time, nourish yourself, create a space for yourself, take good care of yourself, and be kind to yourself.” – Cheryl Janis


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