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Unyime Oguta: How Finding Food & Body Freedom Will Take You From Surviving to Thriving

Episode #29

Today I’m joined by Unyime Oguta. Unyime is a speaker, certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor and non-diet nutrition coach. As a mom of 3, she’s passionate about teaching women how to leverage the power of their minds to let go of food fears and obsession, so that they can thrive and feel empowered to honor their needs and transform their lives with ease and confidence. We talk about self-care, stress, boundaries, taking care of our bodies, and Unyime’s “mommy time”. We discuss societal pressures around motherhood, food, and our bodies as well as emotional and intuitive eating. And last but certainly not least, Unyime helps me continue my personal journey with food and body freedom in real time. 

“Could you create an environment where your emotional and physical response to your child eating a bar of candy is the same as your child eating two sticks of carrots?” – Unyime Oguta


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