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Katelyn Parsons: Uncover Your Relationship with Food, Body Image, and Diet Culture

Episode #25

Today I’m joined by Katelyn Parsons, entrepreneur, speaker, certified Intuitive Eating and Body Image coach, as well as the host of Body Truth podcast. After years of struggling with bulimia and disordered eating, Katelyn not only found recovery but recognized a crucial missing link in the wellness industry: empowerment and individual sustainability around health. Katelyn has helped countless creative leaders transform their relationship with food and body image through an integrative, evidence-based process so that they can move through each day feeling more present, empowered, and comfortable in their skin, without worrying about what to eat. Today Katelyn walks me through her personal and professional journey, the impact of social media and pop culture, diet culture, kids and intuitive eating, fatphobia, and so much more.

“We are all born intuitive eaters. We are all born with this intuitive relationship with food and this intuitive trust with our bodies.” – Katelyn Parsons


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