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Dr. Alex Golden: Autonomy of Mind, Body, & Soul with the Co-Founder of Zesty Ginger

Episode #23

Today I’m joined by Dr. Alex Golden, functional MD and co-founder of Zesty Ginger. Dr. Alex and Megan Blacksmith, NP, are best friends and business partners known for combining functional medicine and mindset practices to help you balance hormones & live your best life. Dr. Alex trained at the University of Chicago after a long personal battle with chronic pain and a myriad of hormonal health concerns, which she details for us today on the show. We also talk about the intersection of health and life, how to thrive rather than survive, and advocate for ourselves and our health. Dr. Alex shares with me all she’s learned about how the mind and body are connected and the importance of looking at a person’s entire lifestyle when working with them on their health.

“We need healers, but we need empowered healers, not disempowered healers.” – Dr. Alex


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