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Dr. Kelly Vincent: How to Amplify Your Online Presence and Voice through Mindful and Self-Aware Content

Episode #195

Today With Dr. Kelly Vincent:

Today on The Inner Edit, I am joined by, Dr. Kelly Vincent, a licensed holistic and clinical psychologist.
Dr. Kelly made a career shift from marketing to psychology.

With now over 184k, her journey didn’t come without questions, imposter syndrome, or creator burnout. She says no matter what industry we are in, we are going through the same thing when it comes to content creation. There is no lack of great takeaways here.

Pick It Apart

[2:26] Kelly shares her journey from marketing into a completely different career, therapist.

[10:00] Kelly offers some marketing tips for therapists.

[20:24] Kelly shares how she built a community digitally through social media.

[26:20] Kelly talks about how she gains relationships with creators on similar platforms.

[38:46] How Kelly manages creator burnout.

[52:17] How Kelly shares everything with intention rather than putting up many boundaries.

[55:55] Any last words of wisdom for creators in the wellness space.

Christie Rocha’s and Dr. Kelly Vincent’s Ah-Ha Moments

“When I started my practice, I learned that our world is so relational. So  much of marketing is about making different relationships. Those relational skills both served me in the room with my clients but then they also served me getting to know people in the community, which then helped build referral channels and networks” – Dr. Kelly Vincent

“External validation feels good, it’s not that it’s a bad thing, but it’s when we rely on it a little bit too much that it becomes a problem.” – Dr. Kelly Vincent

“There is a secret sauce, but the trick is that the secret sauce changes every week.” – Christie Rocha

“Trust the process. It’s small baby steps that lead to change with anything in life. Healing mostly happens over time.” – Dr. Kelly Vincent

More About Dr. Kelly Vincent

I help women embody their authentic self, heal holistically, and thrive. My clinical approach and style is rooted in a holistic, mind-body perspective.

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