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Mikaya Thurmond: Mental Health Strategies for Remote Workers: Discover Joy in Everyday Moments

Episode #192

Today With Mikaya Thurmond:

Today on The Inner Edit I am joined by Mikaya Thurmond, an award-winning Public Relations Strategist propelling brands to new heights with more than a decade of expertise. Mikaya is former television news anchor for WRAL in Raleigh, North Carolina. She is a politician’s daughter, Miss Georgia 2009, a University of Georgia and Harvard graduate, and a TedX speaker. But above all, Mikaya’s superpower is authentic storytelling. It’s what she lives and breathes—because if we aren’t being ourselves, then what’s the point, right?

Today, Mikaya and I are discussing how to be true to yourself at work and at home, online, and in real life. Mikaya says she is here for happiness, not the hustle, and is sharing strategies she uses to prioritize her mental health.

Pick It Apart

[5:24] Mikaya talks about working remote as a TV news anchor during the pandemic, and continuing to work remote now as a PR strategist, and what she has learned from these experiences.

[12:07] Christie asks Mikaya about her personal habits that help create intentional time for herself.

[20:25] Mikaya talks about leaving her news anchor position, how scary it was but why it was an important step in her growth.

[26:45] Mikaya shares her perspective on relevance and how she is able to be more authentic to herself as an influencer as opposed to a TV personality.

[29:56] Christie and Mikaya discuss how fast-paced our world is, and the importance of slowing down and taking a breath.

[32:21] Christie asks Mikaya how valuing mental health spills into her client relationships.

[40:59] Mikaya shares how she color codes her calendar to make sure she fits in time for her spiritual, physical, social, and future self.

Christie Rocha’s and Mikaya Thurmond’s Ah-Ha Moments

“I think we all should ask ourselves every day, ‘What did you do today, Christy, to make yourself happy? And it’s got to be something just for you. And I think when you make a habit of that, I’ve been really successful at maintaining positive mental health.” – Mikaya Thurmond

“We often are looking for what we can add to our life to make it easier, when really we could probably start with what to take out—what can we remove?” – Christie Rocha

“The key to the magic sauce, especially if you’re talking about a person or product, is authenticity and vulnerability.” – Mikaya Thurmond

More About Mikaya Thurmond

As an award-winning Public Relations Strategist, Mikaya Thurmond harnesses over a decade of expertise to propel brands to new heights. Her passion for messaging began as a journalist across the southeast. Most notably making waves as the youngest anchor for WRAL News in Raleigh, where she engaged with hundreds of thousands of viewers daily over a seven-year tenure. During her time reporting in North Carolina and Tennessee, Mikaya secured two Associated Press awards and received four Emmy nominations. Notably, she contributed to prominent platforms like CBS Evening News and NBC’s Today Show.

Honored as one of UGA’s “40 Under 40” and recognized as a “Mover and Shaker” by Cary Magazine, Mikaya’s influence extends beyond journalism. A proud alumni of Harvard University and the University of Georgia, she’s deeply committed to molding the upcoming wave of professionals. This passion led her to educate the future of communications as a 2023 lecturer at North Carolina State University’s communications department. Moreover, she proudly established a college scholarship with the North Carolina Education Scholarship Fund, aimed at financially supporting young women studying communications.

In October 2023, Mikaya will add another feather to her cap by taking the stage as a speaker at TEDxRaleigh. As she continues to shape the PR landscape, Mikaya remains a beacon of inspiration and a testament to the power of authentic storytelling.

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