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Renee Reina: Navigating the Intersection: Where Your Passions and Niche Content Meet on Social Media

Episode #190

Today With Renee Reina:

Today on The Inner Edit I am with Renee Reina, who joined me in Episode 14 of Sass Says, where we discussed self-reflection and authenticity in motherhood and beyond. You might know Renee from the internet, where she is the mom friend you always wanted. In March of 2020, just days before the Covid lockdowns, Renee finished her PhD in Psychology. Like many of us, she went online, only she was really good at it. Since then, she has gained a huge following on both TikTok and Instagram, and launched the Mom Room podcast, where she hopes to change how people see themselves and motherhood, in her own hilarious way. While Renee is not a clinician, her PhD, training and research all impact the content she creates.

Today, Renee and I are digging into what content creation means to her, whether or not being true to a niche is important, the crazy amount of work that actually comes with these mediums, how she handles negative comments, and why it’s important to actually enjoy the content you are creating.

Spoiler alert: it’s super important.

Keep listening, because this is a good one.

Pick It Apart

[4:09] Renee talks about her struggle with niching down.

[12:20] Christie asks Renee about being part of a podcast network and what that means for her.

[17:00] Renee shares her experience with hiring out different tasks.

[22:09] Christie and Renee discuss publically responding to negative comments.

[32:45] Renee shares how her work online impacts her real-life relationships.

[39:00] Christie talks about the gray area that comes with working online and the difference between online community and in-person community.

[52:52] Renee reflects on why she can’t put out content just to be performative and why.

Christie Rocha’s and Renee Reina’s Ah-Ha Moments

“I know what performs on social media when it comes to mom content. But that doesn’t feel good to me as a creator to only do that—that doesn’t fulfill me. So I had to decide recently to not worry about being niche and just post what I want to post.” – Renee Reina
“I do notice I don’t feel the best when I’m not doing things for myself, like going to yoga and making time for friends and making time for my husband.” – Renee Reina
“Not only is [content creation] a real job, but there’s no rulebook, there’s no one way to do it. And because your business is your face, there is a lot of pressure, I think, to say and do the right things.” – Christie Rocha
“You have to enjoy the content that you’re creating. Otherwise, it’s not going to last.” – Renee Reina

More About Renee Reina

Renee finished her PhD in psychology days before quarantine started. While in quarantine with her toddler she gained a large following on TikTok with her honest mom-related content and started The Mom Room Podcast. The Mom Room presents a no bullshit, real-life image of motherhood that moms can actually relate to and take comfort in. Renee wants moms around the world to feel a sense of empowerment in being a mom. She wants to help moms acknowledge and validate their feelings and inspire moms to start conversations with their partners that they otherwise wouldn’t have. She wants to help ease the dreaded mom guilt and put an end to the mom vs. mom shaming.
Ultimately, Renee’s goal for The Mom Room brand is to normalize the ups and downs of motherhood and change the narrative of what it means to be a mom.

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