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Bryana Kappadakunnel: Authenticity Over Algorithms: The Conscious Mommy’s Approach to Digital Growth

Episode #189

Today With Bryana Kappadakunnel:

Today on Sass Says I am joined once again by Bryana Kappadakunnel, a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, an Infant-Family Early Childhood Mental Health Specialist, and a Perinatal Mental Health Specialist-Certified. Bryana is the owner & voice behind Conscious Mommy where she teaches parents to become the conscious parent they never had.
Today, Bryana is here to discuss how she creates content that cares, what that looks like, why that matters, and why she wants others to do the same. Join us as we dig into boundaries, burnout, and being yourself.

Pick It Apart

[1:43] Bryana talks about her journey and how she never intended to grow an audience and community, but she suddenly did.

[9:10] Bryana tells the saga of why she rebranded to Conscious Mommy and what social media means in that.

[21:47] Bryana and Christie discuss the expectation on mental health providers to give information online without charge.

[30:27] Bryana talks about the challenge of social media algorithms, how that can lead to burnout, and what she does to recover from burnout.

[38:05] Christie and Bryana discuss the social responsibility of viral creators and influencers.

[45:20] Bryana emphasizes that she would love to see a cultural shift amongst creators and professionals online that isn’t just about views, clicks, and comments but is about taking greater care of the people who are consuming their content.

[47:56] Bryana states that we are all called to be our authentic selves, and explains how she brings her authentic self to her online presence.

Christie Rocha’s and Bryana Kappadakunnel’s Ah-Ha Moments

“I’m not going to put myself out there in ways that are inauthentic to me, just for clicks, or likes or views. That’s just not the life that I personally feel comfortable and confident living.” – Bryana Kappadakunnel

“Being a creator on a big social media platform, you are owned by that social media company. And you cannot have your business rely on Instagram or Facebook, they need to be avenues to funnel a business but you cannot rely on it. Because in a second, and I mean that literally, it can be completely swept away from you.” – Bryana Kappadakunnel

“Check your source.” – Christie Rocha

“Knowing yourself, knowing your values, knowing what you stand for and how you want to show up—that’s the most important thing.” – Christie Rocha

More About Bryana Kappadakunnel

Bryana Kappadakunnel is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (90464), an Infant-Family Early Childhood Mental Health Specialist, and a Perinatal Mental Health Specialist-Certified. She is the owner & voice behind Conscious Mommy where she teaches parents to become the conscious parent they never had. Since 2011, Bryana has worked exclusively with families with very young children to navigate challenges related to child development, behavioral & emotional issues, attachment problems, and trauma. Guided by attachment theory and the neurorelational framework, her approach is unique in that she works primarily with parents by helping them discover their child’s nervous system and developmental needs. In this process, parents also learn how to regulate their own triggered reactions and discover more self-control and self-compassion. She also guides parents to develop vital skills in self-reflection & deconstructing familial cycles of guilt and shame, which aims to drastically shift the child-parent relational patterns.
Bryana also works with new moms experiencing perinatal mood or anxiety disorders. She uses a conscious- and mindfulness-informed approach to help moms realign their expectations with reality, deconstruct the guilt & shame they’re experiencing, and shift into the present moment, where depression and anxiety cannot exist.
Bryana has a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology, has been licensed since 2015, and has an extensive number of advanced certifications & specializations in perinatal, infant, and early childhood mental health as well as conscious parenting. She is the mom of 2 young children, and lives with her spouse in Southern California.

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