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Way Back Wednesday: Meredith Masony: Content Creator Queens Don’t Gatekeep…Life Lessons from a 9 Year Veteran

Episode #185

Today With Meredith Masony:

Today’s a Way Back Wednesday! In this episode we revisit our talk with Meredith Masony, founder of That’s Inappropriate, online parenting community.

Christie Rocha’s and Meredith Masony’s Ah-Ha Moments

“Being a mom is one part of what you do, being a wife is one part of what you do…what does Christie want to do? What does Meredith want to do? You’re allowed to be you because you have a name and your name is not mom.” – Meredith Masony

More About Meredith Masony

Meredith Masony is the founder of That’s Inappropriate, an online parenting community with over four million followers across social platforms, where members can talk about the parenting experiences they love, hate, and everything in between. Meredith is a former teacher, and has spoken at women’s and social media conferences including Dad 2.0, Mom 2.0, and Start Loving You. She is the author of Scoop the Poop and Ask Me What’s for Dinner One More Time. Meredith, Dena Blizzard, and Tiffany Jenkins took their comedy out on the road last year for the My Name is Not Mom live tour. Meredith is married to her best friend Dave, who is now her business partner. They live in Florida with their three children, two dogs…and some new kittens.

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