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Claire Jefford: Content is Queen: Leverage Video Content That is True To You

Episode #183

Today With Claire Jefford:

Today on Sass Says I am joined by Claire Jefford, an award-winning interior designer, business coach, and video content creator. Claire has done design videos, car karaoke, paint color reviews, and more, but the thing all of Claire’s videos have in common is that her personality shines through. Join me as I chat with Claire about video, vulnerability, connection, and opportunity.

Pick It Apart

[0:49] Claire tells Christie about the first video she made for her website in 2011.

[4:35] Christie and Claire discuss why getting started with video can be scary and difficult, but also create valuable connections.

[15:26] Claire explains why it is important to look at the camera like you are speaking directly to your ideal client.

[17:56] Claire talks about the opportunities video content has brought her.

[21:25] Claire and Christie talk about how to handle negative comments from others and how to handle self-sabotage. 

[32:47] Claire talks about tech and how great today’s phones are at making video content, as well as other resources she loves.

[43:04] Claire explains the important roles of both having a plan and allowing some things to evolve naturally.

Christie Rocha’s and Claire Jefford’s Ah-Ha Moments

“The connection that you can get via a video versus an email or a blog article…is huge.” – Claire Jefford

“There is more than one path to the top of the mountain.” – Claire Jefford

“[Creating video content] can feel very isolating…but if you’re thinking it and feeling it and experiencing it, there is this very high chance that a lot of other people are too.” – Christie Rocha

“You put yourself out there. You become a little vulnerable. You resonate with some people. Things can happen. Yeah, things do happen.” – Claire Jefford

More About Claire Jefford

Claire Jefford is a Certified Interior Decorator who began her award-winning firm in 2011. She is proud to be the highest reviewed Design Professional in the Toronto area with over 120 reviews. Claire is also a respected Business Coach within the design industry and developed her signature course for Designers 0-5 years in business, called the Interior Design BOSS Academy.

Voted Top Influencer 3 years running, Claire does speaking engagements, panel discussions & live video broadcasts from various design events across North America. She runs a highly engaged, private Facebook group, Interior Design Business Strategies, with over 6000 design professionals from around the world.

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