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Sandra Funk: A Million Dollar Mindset for Setting Boundaries and Standing in Your Space

Episode #181

Today With Sandra Funk:

Today I am joined by Sandra Funk, founder and CEO of the boutique interior design firm, House of Funk. Sandra is also an interior design business strategist. Sandra coined the phrase “stand in your space.” I wanted to have her on for the full explanation of this phrase, and it’s a good one.

Pick It Apart

[2:50] How Sandra’s now famous phrase “Stand in Your Space” relates to not only interior designers, but every space.

[13:40] How to build your team based on your budget and needs.

[15:41] Sandra’s practices for checking in with herself.

[23:00] Sandra offers advice for the permission piece of setting your boundaries.

Christie Rocha’s and Sandra Funk’s Ah-Ha Moments

“My balance has always come from surrounding myself with incredible people and helpers.” – Sandra Funk

More About Sandra Funk

Sandra Funk is the founder and CEO of the boutique interior design firm, House of Funk. She’s also an interior design business strategist. Established designers come to Sandra for her program – the Interior Design Standard – when they realize that they want more for their effort, they’re ready to take on fewer, larger projects and they ONLY want to work with dream clients.
Despite her business degree, a background in business process consulting and studying design at Parsons, it took Sandra over a decade – and the help of several experts – to develop and fine-tune a business model that allowed her interior design firm to thrive. Over 30 national press outlets – Elle Decor, Architectural Digest and House Beautiful, to name a few – have recognized Sandra for her award-winning designs and innate entrepreneurial spirit.  
Today, Sandra is deeply rooted in empowering and educating design entrepreneurs. With her turnkey approach, she welcomes designers into her inner circle, sharing her proven process for a balanced, joy-filled and wildly profitable design firm.

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