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Nancy Ganzekaufer: The Stories We Tell Ourselves: Navigating Conflicting Messages About Money

Episode #179

Today With Nancy Ganzekaufer:

Today on Sass Says I am joined by Nancy Ganzekaufer, a mom, entrepreneur, body language trainer, and business and life coach. Nancy is sharing her insightful perspectives and down-to-earth wisdom to help us better understand money, avoid the workaholic mentality, and find more fulfillment through balance in business and life—with feel-good motivation and practical advice we all need sometimes.

Pick It Apart

[1:31] Nancy and Christie talk about why conversations about money are often avoided.


[8:41] Nancy asks Christie her first thought when she thinks of very wealthy people.


[12:26] Nancy explains the dangers of being a workaholic versus the benefits of striving for a well-balanced life.


[23:04] Nancy and Christie discuss boundaries, control, balance, and the importance of sitting quietly with yourself.


[27:12] Nancy shares her career path and the importance of keeping your eyes open for new opportunities.


[31:53] Nancy and Christie consider prioritizing the balance of health and wealth.


[38:34] Christie asks Nancy about how to master your own body language and decode the body language of others, and why this is important to success

Christie Rocha’s and Nancy Ganzekaufer’s Ah-Ha Moments

“Money is energy.” – Nancy Ganzekaufer


“If you look at money as a means to enhancing your life and the lives of the people you support, then what’s wrong with making money.” – Nancy Ganzekaufer


“Whatever type of person you are, will be amplified by making more money. If you’re not a nice person that will be amplified. If you’re a kind giving person that will be amplified.” Nancy Ganzekaufer


“Money talks and wealth whispers.” – Christie Rocha


“There’s no glory in being the cheapest in the market. There’s no glory even being in the pack. The glory is being the most exclusive with the best service with the most results you can get for somebody. This way you can have less clients and have the money you need to live your life.” – Nancy Ganzekaufer


“The whole time, keep your eyes wide open for opportunities that you never thought and you never planned for.” – Nancy Ganzekaufer


“Be happy for me or get out of my way.” – Nancy Ganzekaufer

More About Nancy Ganzekaufer

Nancy Ganzekaufer is a sought-after Business Coach, Speaker, Body Language Trainer, and Author, named one of the Top 16 Coaches in New York in 2022.

Nancy specializes in coaching interior designers with a focus on marketing and sales strategies, helping them maximize their profitability while identifying and serving their ideal clients with confidence. She guides them to develop the most straightforward path to higher profitability, visibility, and scalability through confident decision making, efficient systems development and effective communication.

Nancy has empowered thousands to know and charge their worth and position themselves in their market with authenticity and authority.

When Nancy is not coaching her clients, speaking at a conference, or engaging with her audience in one of her social media platforms, she spends quality time with her family, listens to music, hikes, plays pickleball with her friends, and travels as much as she can.

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