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Katie McDonald: Gaining a Competitive Edge Through Self-Care

Episode #177

Today With Katie McDonald:

Today on Sass Says I am joined by Katie McDonald, certified holistic health coach and the founder of b.nourished, a concierge coaching service for high achievers who take care of their business, but not themselves. Although self-care seems to be a growing trend, some of us still struggle to fit it in. Katie shares her tips, strategies, pillars, and the importance of taking care of ourselves, even if it means starting small. 

Pick It Apart

[9:00] Katie explains how other people reacted to her leaving her corporate job and how she handled it.

[13:00] Katie helps those of us understand that it is OK to take care of ourselves when we have kids or a family.

[19:00] Katie shares the first steps she took to take care of herself after leaving her corporate job.

[29:20] Christie and Katie discuss mental obstacles to the food pillar and fueling your body.

[41:30] How do we prevent reaching that point that Katie did before her self realization and leaving her corporate job?

[45:05] How all of this ripples into our businesses and platforms.

Christie Rocha’s and Katie McDonald’s Ah-Ha Moments

“I had to fall down in order to wake up.” – Katie McDonald

“We’re better mothers when we are in alignment with our own needs.” – Katie McDonald

“There’s nothing more essential to our humanness than what we ingest.” Katie McDonald

“You want to gain a competitive edge? Start taking care of yourself the way you take care of your business.” – Katie McDonald

“We glorify busyness. We glorify and we look up to the people that seem to have it all together….but there is no ‘have it all together club.’” -Katie McDonald

More About Katie McDonald

Over a decade ago, the demands of Katie McDonald’s corporate career occupied her every waking moment. She was left feeling depleted and depressed—suffering from spiraling mental and physical health crises that threatened her life.

Left with no choice but to transform her body-mind relationship, Katie abandoned her corporate job and finally started applying her knowledge of self-care, alternative health, and plant-based nutrition.

Since then, Katie has been on a revitalizing journey of lifelong self-care.

Fully recovered from years of self-neglect, Katie now helps fellow doers embrace self-care so they can do more and be more while leading healthier, more intentional, and more nourished lives.

Katie leads with tough love to inspire, empower, and challenge audiences. She dispels the destructive myth that self-care is an obstacle to productivity and teaches that self-care is, in fact, a tool to create a more powerful and impactful legacy.

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