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Amy Kartheiser: Under the Same Sky: A Nonprofit Providing Healing Conversations for Suicide Loss Survivors

Episode #176

Amy Kartheiser is the founder and principal designer of Amy Kartheiser Design and the founder of a nonprofit called “Under the Same Sky.” On today’s episode, Amy opened up about her personal journey dealing with the heartbreaking loss of her brother to suicide, and how it inspired her to create a safe space for healing. Under the Same Sky raises funds for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention’s Healing Conversations Program, which connects people who have gone through similar losses. We talked about the ups and downs of starting a charity, the need for open dialogue around suicide, and the cultural taboo surrounding suicide. She urged listeners to offer support without judgment and to avoid stigmatizing language when discussing suicide. Amy also highlighted the power of therapy and respecting each person’s unique healing process. We wrapped up the episode with Amy sharing details about her upcoming event and expressing her gratitude for the chance to share her story.

“After losing my brother to suicide and seeing what it did to my family, I almost felt catapulted on a journey. His death gave me purpose and it helped me find a voice that I didn’t know I had anymore.” – Amy Kartheiser


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Under the Same Sky – Starry Night Soiree – Nov 10th, 2023

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