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Dr. Laura Schwinn: Reviving Your Spark: Empowering Women and Moms to Reconnect with Vibrancy

Episode #172

Dr. Laura Schwinn, a psychologist specializing in working with women and mothers, is interviewed in this podcast episode. She discusses her background, experiences as an identical twin, and her perspective on the use of the title “doctor.” Dr. Laura emphasizes the importance of empowering clients in mental health and supporting women and mothers in reconnecting with their vibrancy. She shares personal experiences as a mother and highlights the challenges and pitfalls that mothers often face. Dr. Laura also discusses the importance of letting go of control and focusing on internal states and feelings in achieving goals. She offers one-on-one coaching and group coaching and is the author of You Are The Most Perfectly Perfect You: Reclaiming Self-Love.

“We need to come back to our own vibrancy, our own light, so we can be more attuned to the attachment of our child. ” – Dr. Laura Schwinn


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