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Jenna Overbaugh: How, Why, and What to Do When OCD Shows Up in Motherhood

Episode #17

Today I’m joined by Jenna Overbaugh, licensed professional counselor, certified personal trainer, and mom. Jenna’s speciality is in treating OCD and anxiety, educating her clients and giving them the tools they need to manage their recovery independently. She is also passionate about offering guidance and resources for the world to better understand OCD, particularly in mothers. She is the host of her own podcast called All the Hard Things and is a therapist for nOCD. Today Jenna explains to me what OCD really is, how and why it shows up in motherhood and how OCD is treated in therapy. She shares her personal story of postpartum OCD and her beliefs on what needs to change in postpartum care when it comes to mental health.

“We need to be screening every mom for PPA,OCD, and trauma in addition to depression.” – Jenna Overbaugh

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