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Jenn Trepeck: From Yo-Yo Dieting to Empowered Eating: Transformative Health Education for a Happier You

Episode #168

Jenn Trepeck is an Optimal Health Coach, Podcaster, and Business Consultant. Jenn grew up the skinny one in a family of dieters which was awesome(!) until it went away. And so began her weight management saga. Ultimately though, Jenn learned the nutrition education we’re all supposed to know but no one ever taught us. This completely changed her life and allowed her to say she “kicked her food issues.” From then, Jenn set-out on a mission to pay it forward and help people help themselves. After over a decade of working with clients, Jenn started Salad with a Side of Fries podcast. Based on science, yet lighthearted, Jenn talks about living life while still making ourselves and our health a priority. 

“The big thing in understanding all of it and relearning or maybe learning for the first time about food and the human body is that it’s all chemical. You are not a failure. Your cravings are chemical. Your willpower is actually chemical. We’ve been told that we’ve failed. We haven’t failed. Every diet out there, every plan out there has failed us.” – Jenn Trepeck


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