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Jamie Scrimgeour: Empowering Kick-Ass Stepmoms: Personal Development for Stronger Families

Episode #167

In this podcast episode, I’m joined by Jamie Scrimgeour, a stepmom and host of The Kick Ass Stepmom Podcast. We discuss Jamie’s journey as a stepmom and the lessons that can be applied to relationships in general. Jamie shares her experiences as a stepmom and how she started her blog and eventually turned it into a podcast, membership, and coaching business. She reflects on her own childhood and how it impacted her as a stepmom. We also discuss the challenges of being a stepmom and finding balance in blended families. Jamie emphasizes the importance of self-care and taking breaks from personal development. We also touch on the judgment and stigma surrounding step-parenting and the pressures of being a content creator. 

“If you focus so much on the things that you don’t have control over, you lose sight of all that you do.” – Jamie Scrimgeour


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