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Gina Gersh: From Worries to Zzz’s: Supporting New Moms through Sleep Anxiety & Beyond

Episode #166

In this podcast episode, Gina Gersh, a sleep consultant and mother of four, discusses various topics related to sleep issues and parenting with the assistant. They talk about the upcoming time change and how it can affect sleep routines, emphasizing the importance of flexibility and managing expectations. They also discuss the challenges of juggling multiple children’s needs and the importance of self-care for moms. Gina shares her personal experiences with anxiety and sleep issues and highlights the value of support for new moms. They also touch on the importance of accepting help and seeking assistance when needed. Gina explains her work as a sleep consultant and her goal of empowering families to handle sleep challenges independently.

“If you have a routine in place and you have everything set, then veering off here and there is going to make it a lot easier to come back.” – Gina Gersh


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