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Danielle Smith: Supporting New Moms: Understanding the Impact of Perinatal Mental Health and the Journey to Healing

Episode #163

Danielle Smith, a licensed mental health therapist and certified perinatal professional, is on the show today. We discuss Danielle’s journey into the mental health field, her personal experience as a new mother during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the challenges faced by new mothers. Danielle shares her decision to specialize in perinatal mental health and how her own experience as a first-time mother influenced her career path. We also discuss the impact of the pandemic on motherhood, the shift in identity that comes with motherhood, and the importance of addressing mental health concerns during the perinatal period. Danielle also shares her inspiration for creating a coaching program for first responder wives.This episode is part of a month-long series focused on motherhood, pregnancy, and mental health.

“It’s okay if you say this is hard. It’s okay if you’re not feeling that insane attachment or intuition. With help, with support, like it truly can get better and you really can actually enjoy this stage of life.” – Danielle Smith


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