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Christie Rocha: Motherhood Unfiltered: Expecting the Unexpected and the Advice I Wish I Received

Episode #162

In this solo episode, I reflect on my experiences and challenges of motherhood, pregnancy, and mental health. I discuss the changes that occur in a relationship after having children, the pressure to “bounce back” after giving birth, and the difficulties of balancing work and motherhood. I also talk about the emotional challenges of becoming a mother and the importance of support during this transition. I emphasize the need for self-care and prioritizing wellness. This show is a follow-up to the previous episode with Melissa Fairhurst and is part of a month-long series on Motherhood, Pregnancy, and Mental Health.

“I wish someone would have prepared me for what it would be like to not ‘bounce back.’ I fully expected to do it. I fully expected to pressure myself and hate myself into bouncing back, and I was not prepared at all to not succeed.” – Christie Rocha


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