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Melissa Fairhurst: The Reality of Motherhood: Navigating Mental Health and Cultivating a Supportive Network

Episode #161

In this podcast episode, Melissa Fairhurst, a therapist specializing in maternal mental health, shares her journey towards becoming a therapist and her passion for helping others. She discusses her background, including being the youngest and only girl in her family, and how it shaped her. Melissa also talks about her specialization in maternal mental health and the experiences that led her to focus on supporting expecting and postpartum moms. The conversation touches on topics such as self-awareness, the challenges of motherhood, the importance of support, and the need for education and awareness about perinatal mental health. Melissa offers advice for moms and emphasizes the importance of self-care and seeking help when needed. This episode is part of a month-long series on Motherhood, Pregnancy, and Mental Health.

“Even if you don’t fit the criteria of postpartum anxiety or postpartum depression, it doesn’t mean that you still don’t need a place to put whatever you’re feeling. You don’t need a diagnosis to get help.” – Melissa Fairhurst


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