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Kristine McGlinchey: Awakening the Intuitive Mother: Nurturing Inner Guidance, Navigating Challenges, and Cultivating Fulfillment

Episode #159

Are you struggling to conceive the life of your dreams? Do you feel blocked by limiting beliefs and societal pressures? In this podcast, intuitive teacher and energy healer Kristine McGlinchey shares her personal journey of healing and how she helps women overcome deep wounds and fears around femininity and motherhood. Kristine emphasizes the importance of intentional practice and inner work in the conception process, similar to manifestation. She also discusses the role of spirit guides, tarot cards, and the Akashic Records in helping individuals reach their full potential. Kristine’s work and community aim to provide practical and spiritual tools to make motherhood easier and more fulfilling. Listen now to learn how you can trust your intuition and find your own way in motherhood and life.

“We look at ourselves and we’re like ‘Why am I so depressed? Why do I miss who I used to be?’ And we try to bypass the experience, but when we can sit with it, when we can really feel it, that makes a big difference.” – Kristine McGlinchey


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