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Dr. Nicole Rankins: Empowering Advice for Expectant Parents: Prioritizing Mental Health During Pregnancy and Delivery

Episode #157

Have you ever wondered how doctors cope with the emotional toll of delivering babies, especially in traumatic situations? In this podcast, OB-GYN Dr. Nicole Rankins shares her experiences and advice for new doctors entering the field. She emphasizes the importance of recognizing doctors and nurses as human beings with emotions, and offers tips such as therapy, journaling, and reaching out to others for support. Dr. Nicole also discusses the concept of birth plans and their limitations, encouraging pregnant women to educate themselves and be active participants in the birth process. Her advice centers around being informed, empowered, and compassionate towards oneself throughout the pregnancy and birth experience.

“The only predictable thing about birth is that it’s unpredictable.” – Dr. Nicole Rankins


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