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Christie Rocha: The Subconscious Influence: How My Past Shaped My Partnerships

Episode #156

In this final solo show of the month’s series on Marriage, Intimacy, and Mental Health, I reflect on the recent episode with Dr. Christie Kederian, discussing matchmaking and relationship advice. I discuss the importance of individual inner work in improving relationships and my personal experiences of questioning, resentment, and eventual empowerment through therapy. I explore the concept of chemistry and the impact of therapy in bringing subconscious dynamics to the surface and how it ultimately influences my relationships.

“In my experience in therapy, whenever my marriage was a topic of discussion, I went from ‘Is it enough for my marriage that I am the only one in therapy?’ to ‘Why am I the one in therapy? Why am I doing all of the work?’ to ‘Holy cow, this is incredible, I get to do all this work on myself and it helps my marriage and this is SO cool.’ From questioning to resentment to empowerment.” – Christie Rocha


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