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Dr. Christie Kederian: From Dating to Happily Ever After: The Keys to Long-Term Relationship Success

Episode #155

Dr. Christie Kederian is a renowned relationship expert who specializes in helping clients create lives they love and find love they deserve. With an extensive career as a professional matchmaker and relationship expert for eHarmony and affiliate company, Dr. Christie has helped thousands of people create lives they love and find love they deserve. She is a “Triple Trojan” receiving her Bachelor’s, Master’s & doctoral degree at the University of Southern California in Psychology and Marriage and Family Therapy. We discuss matchmaking and hot topics like, “Do opposites really attract?”, “What is chemistry?”, “What are really the hardest years in marriage?” and “What are some relationship red flags?” We also discuss self-awareness and best practices for maintaining a healthy, loving relationship.

“Knowing yourself really well is the key to healthy relationships: attracting them, building them, creating them.” – Dr. Christie Kederian


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