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Dr. Lexx Brown-James: Strategies for Overcoming Intimacy, Mental Health, and Vulnerability Challenges in Relationships

Episode #153

Dr. Lexx Brown-James is a sex therapist, educator, and media consultant. The #CouplesClinician runs The Institute for Sexuality and Intimacy, LLC and is an Amazon best-selling author twice over! She is passionate about helping others build, maintain, and perpetuate true relationship intimacy with #shamefreesexed. We discuss vulnerability in relationships, the difference between truth and honesty, common challenges people face when it comes to building and maintaining true relationship intimacy, and shame-free sex ed. We also talk about how to address mental health concerns such as depression and anxiety within the context of sexual and intimate relationships.

“Pleasure isn’t necessarily a morally good or bad word. And it’s not inherently sexy and about really is a word to say that we’re not put on this earth to suffer.” – Dr. Lexx Brown-James


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