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Dr. Morgan Anderson: Transforming Relationships: Discovering the Path to Secure Attachment and Love

Episode #149

Therapist Dr. Morgan Anderson shares her personal story of childhood trauma, losing her mother at a young age, and struggling with relationships as a result. She discusses her journey towards healing and becoming a therapist, and how attachment theory transformed her life and relationships. Dr. Anderson explains the four attachment styles and how they impact romantic relationships, emphasizing the importance of self-awareness and doing the work on oneself to show up as a securely attached individual in dating. She also discusses how to use dating apps intentionally and avoid being overwhelmed by them. Dr. Anderson shares details about her program, Empowered Secure Loved, which helps individuals become securely attached in their relationships.

“You’re never too broken. It’s never too late to have a completely different life. Your past does not determine your future and you really can heal and change.” – Dr. Morgan Anderson


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