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Shanna Nardone: Embracing Motherhood: A Guide to Self-Awareness and Fulfillment

Episode #148

Shanna Nardone is a Certified Life Coach and the founder of Maternal Grove. Her work focuses on supporting busy moms (or any default parent) who are ready to make a positive change for themselves. As a woman, wife, mother of two, and entrepreneur, Shanna learned firsthand the importance of establishing healthy boundaries, creating the right support network, understanding herself, and getting comfortable advocating for herself. Her mission is to support other maternal figures in doing the same. We talk about mindset, personal growth, the maternal echo-chamber, and surrounding ourselves with people and communities that support us and our values. 

“Because of the work I’ve done, I have changed in a lot of ways and I’ve grown in a lot of ways but I’m not ‘fixed’. There is no end point in which, ‘everything is going to be great NOW’ because new things are always going to happen.” – Shanna Nardone


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