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Colleen Ryan-Hensley: The Power of Mental Wellness: A Navy Veteran’s Journey to #BingingSober

Episode #147

Colleen Ryan-Hensley is a Navy Veteran, Sexual Assault Survivor, Mental Health Expert, and Founder of #BingingSober, a rewards-based system that enables people to develop steps, habits, and beliefs that impact their vitality. She holds an advanced degree in performance psychology and spent 5-years with the team of cutting-edge researchers and clinicians at the University of Texas at Dallas’ Center for BrainHealth teaching High-Performance Cognitive Training to military veterans and their spouses and caregivers, active duty military, and first responders around the country. Colleen struggled with depression, alcohol abuse, and intermittent suicidal thoughts for over 20 years before she tamed her brain and turned her fight into her greatest asset. We discuss her overwhelmingly positive experience in the Navy, surviving sexual assault, and the years of healing she’s done since retirement. She also talks about how she developed #BingingSober, redefining mental toughness, and how you can apply what she’s learned to your life. 

“#BingingSober is about turning habitual escapism into purposeful escape.” – Colleen Ryan-Hensley


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