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Christie Rocha: Claiming My Power: Unleashing Potential and Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

Episode #146

On this solo show I am sharing my experience with cultivating my inner knowing, creating what I need, navigating hard seasons, and the mindset shifts that have come since starting the productivity, ambition, and mental health series on the show. I am sharing how each of the expert interviews have personally overlapped for me and how my reflections help me connect the dots to the previous episodes. These reflections are based on my interview on the previous episode with Dani Kenney, International Life & Business Coach. It is also part of a month-long series focused on Productivity, Ambition, and Mental Health. Tune into the episode for more details!

“I see you in those times of waiting, I see how hard it is to be in the ‘un-knowing.’ And this is why it is so important to cultivate your knowing so that when it calls to you, you can hear it, and you have the trust and confidence to act on it.” – Christie Rocha


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