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Sade Kelly: Time Management Mastery: Design Your Life and Redefine Consistency

Episode #141

Sade is the CEO & Founder of The Fire Inside, a time management coaching and content creation services company. As a Time Management Coach, she helps ambitious 9-5ers, side-hustlers, and full-time entrepreneurs manage their time, so they can achieve their professional & personal goals without sacrificing self-care. Sade believes that when you can learn to leverage your most valuable resource, your time, you can be and do anything you desire. Her coaching framework is designed to take you from overwhelmed and all over the place to organized, prosperous, and achieving your goals. Sade and I discuss mindset, pattern interruption, routine building, realistic time blocking, and defining consistency for ourselves.

“People struggle with consistency because they think consistency means 100% and I think we need to build ourselves up to that.” – Sade Kelly


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