Self-Care Practices

The Achiever: An Enneagram Type 3’s Reflections on Mental Health, Productivity, and Self-Awareness

Episode #140

On this solo show, I am sharing my reflections on being an Enneagram Type 3. I share what I’ve learned about my motives and core strategies for getting through life and how I’ve come to question which strategies serve me and which no longer serve me. These reflections are based on my interview on the previous episode with Sarah Wallace, Certified Enneagram Coach. It is also part of a month-long series focused on Productivity, Ambition, and Mental Health. Tune into the episode for more details!

“In motherhood particularly, as a Type 3, I’ve had to challenge my definition of success. No one is handing out a raise for wiping butts. No one is honoring me with an award for sleep training. I’ve had to redefine what it means to achieve.” – Christie Rocha


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